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70 pitches
10A electricity
washer and dryer
Washhouses v. handwash
Pours chemical toilets
Laundry drying racks
7 water taps
sufficient toilets
hot showers[/spoiler]
[spoiler title=”Catering” style=”fancy”]
Camping canteen
Draft beer, soft drinks
Snacks, ice
[spoiler title=”Outdoor toys” style=”fancy”]
Small pool
climbing frame / swing
[spoiler title=”Indoor toys” style=”fancy”]
internet Computer
table tennis
table football


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Welcome to CAMPING KOSTELEC Czech Republic

Camping Kostelec Czech Republic is located in the beautiful sloping area of ​​South Bohemia, one of the most beautiful regions of the Czech Republic. The campsite is located in the village of Kostelec (150 inhabitants) which is 14 km. from the town Hluboka nad Vltavou.
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[label type=”warning”]Meals:[/label]

In the campsite you can have delicious meals in our new veranda or on one of our terraces. Here you can also enjoy a cool draft Czech beer, soft drinks, coffee or an ice-cream. In the morning there is fresh bread and spreads for a nice breakfast available.

[label type=”warning”]The pitches:[/label]

The campsite is situated on a hill, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley and hills and fields behind. All the pitches of the campsite have electricity and water points are always close to the pitches.

[label type=”warning”]For the children:[/label]

There are several kinds of fun play equipment and places with animals such as goats, pigs, rabbits and ducks. There is also a small but clean pool to cool off in the often hot Southern Czech summers.

[label type=”warning”]Trips:[/label]

For day trips there are countless possibilities. The famous castle Hluboka and the zoo in the same place for example, and the beautiful medieval town of Cesky Krumlov UNESCO. We can also arrange trips for several sports like canoeing and rafting.

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[label type=”warning”]Speelruimtes:[/label]

There are two camping rooms for young and old, one room with table tennis, table football, darts and television and a room with library, internet and billiards.

[label type=”warning”]Animatieprogramma:[/label]

On the site there is a full entertainment program for young and old, crafts, sports, mini survival, ghost tour, adventurous evening walks and day trips. Every week we organize a fully catered barbecue for our guests. You will not be bored at Camping Kostelec.

[label type=”warning”]Winkelen:[/label]

At the campsite you can buy fresh bread and some basic food products. Shopping can be done in Hluboka nad Vltavou and Tyn nad Vltavou. In the town of Ceske Budejovice, 20 km. from the campsite you will find 3 large shopping malls and many cozy shopping streets in the city center and the central square with its beautiful historic buildings and streets.

[spoiler title=”Things to know about Czech Republic” style=”fancy”]
Since May 2004 the Czech Republic belongs to the EU, so with an identity card you may cross the border as a EU citizen. Since December 21, 2007, there are no fixed border controls.

Motorway Vignette:
For permission to the drive on highways in the Czech Republic, you must be in possession of a motorway vignette. These can be bought at any gas station in the Czech Republic.
Car Lighting:
In the Czech Republic it is always required to to have lights on while driving, even during the day.
There is an absolute ban on alcohol in the Czech Republic for road users. You should not drink any alcoholic drink if you have to drive.

Debit card payments:
Debit card payments in the Czech Republic are possible in most stores. ATMs are also present in most of the villages. Banks with ATMs: Please note that your bank will charge a fee, which can be an amount up to 2.50 Euro. Check this at your bank.

To make cycling tours in the Czech Republic and car tours there are many shops to buy a roadmap. A road map also views the castles and caves. In our reception, hiking and cycling maps are also available.

Please note that if you are traveling on public transport with your dog, the dog is on a leash and muzzled. A European dog passport and a valid rabies vaccination is required in the Czech Republic.

Fishing Card:
Because of the many large and small rivers in the Czech Republic, there are many opportunities for anglers to fish. You will need a fishing license. You can buy these at the local tourist offices. You must have your home license with you

In the Czech Republic it is still possible for little money enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant. What you pay for a beer in France, you pay in the Czech Republic for a whole meal with beer. In most restaurants they are speak some English. There is usually a menu in multiple languages. Duck, carp, and knodel are typical Czech cuisine.

In the Czech Republic during the day is generally warmer than in the UK. The nights are cooler so you can sleep soundly. A warm sleeping bag is recommended if you sleep in a tent.

In the Czech Republic are beautiful cycling routes. The Czech landscape is often very hilly but there are also wonderful cycling on flat routes. It is
recommendableto to take your bike on the car to transport to the flatter areas.

1 januari: Newjear
1 mei: Labor Day
8 mei: Liberation from WW2 (1945)
5 juli: Day of Slavonic Apostles Cyril and Methodius
6 juli: Death of Jan Hus (1415)
28 september: Day of St. Vaclav (935)
28 oktober: Independence Day (1918)
17 november: Student Rebellions of 1939 and 1989
24, 25 en 26 december:Christmas

On the holidays mentioned are banks, post offices and many shops closed.[/spoiler]

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[box title=”Contact / opening hours” style=”soft” box_color=”#daaa2b” radius=”5″]
Tel. (00420)73 127 2098
Or: 0031(0)628779443
Kostelec 8
373 41 Hluboka nad Vltavou
E-mail: info@campingkostelec.nl
You are in 2015 very welcome to our site from may 1 to September 15.

[box title=”News” style=”soft” box_color=”#daaa2b” radius=”5″]CAMPINGRATES:

  • Inexpensive camping rates in 2015


  • The new camp canteen / veranda will be ready
  • Renovated showers


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Fully equipped 6 person bungalow tents
for rent from only € 154 per week


2 person appartment for rent from € 199 per week

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